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This company believes in health first, then hairstyle. Determining your hair isssue helps the hair technician to individually tailor the right treatment program for your hair. If repair and growth are possible after joining  and graduating  from the hair enhancement  program, you will enjoy after care treatment for your now naturally healthy hair. Seeking and ensuring hair success is the main principle of Sweet Serenity LLC.

Consultation Required before any services are rendered. All services performed in a private environment to ensure the client's confidentiality and comfort.

Sweet Serenity LLC Sellebrity Program


This program was designed to give clients the opportunity to gain huge discounts (up to 50% off) on a new hairpiece and various hair services. If potential clients agree to release and give permission of use of all pictures to Sweet Serenity LLC  and participate in the Refer-A-Friend program  ( shown below), they will be awarded with free services and free hair piece repairs for the duration of the program.

Potential Clients must sign a Testimonial Agreement before receiving the discount. No discount is given unless this agreement is signed. If potential clients would like their face blurred or not shown on the website only, they wil  be allowed to get a discount of 25% off of their initial hairpiece.This program is only restricted to new and potential clients.The program wil last for 1 year and clients must actively promote by helping to sign up atleast 1 new client per season into the hair program. Annual reinstatment into the program is based on performance and is invitation only.



This program is designed for existing clients to recieve a various number of free services. There a two ways that this program works:

      Phone Referral- potential clients are allowed to call existing clients before the initial consultation to ask questions, receive advice and hear the existing clients experience straight from the existing clients mouth.

      Word- of- Mouth- existing or potential clients will be able to tell other people face to face about how the company has helped their hair situation.