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This company believes in health first, then hairstyle. Determining your hair isssue helps the hair technician to individually tailor the right treatment program for your hair. If repair and growth are possible after joining  and graduating  from the hair enhancement  program, you will enjoy after care treatment for your now naturally healthy hair. Seeking and ensuring hair success is the main principle of Sweet Serenity LLC.

Consultation Required before any services are rendered. All services performed in a private environment to ensure the client's confidentiality and comfort.

Wash and Set/Blow $40
Blow dry or Set Only $20
Full tightening $70
Partial tightening $50
Track tightening $10ea.
Off/On $150
On $100
Off $100
Repair /Repositioning  $100
Partial Repair $50
Section retape $10
Hairline retape $40
Full Retape $100

  Full Net Weave $500
(Hair and Top Closure included)
Frontal Lace Hairline $200
360 Lace Frontal $400
Custom Lacefront wigs $400 and up
(application included for all extension services)

  Hot oil therapy $10
Intensive Cuticle therapay $40
Scalp Steam Clean $20
with Hair Mask $50

Partial $35
Virgin $100
Regrowth $50
Cut $40
Trim $ 20
Partial Trim $10
Bangs only $5
Wig Thinning/Cut $40
Virgin $70
Partial $35
Rinse/Regrowth $50
Full  Head Highlights $100
Full head lowlights $100
Partial Head highlights $50
Non -chemical Highlights $30 and up per row
Full head $300 and up