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This company believes in health first, then hairstyle. Determining your hair isssue helps the hair technician to individually tailor the right treatment program for your hair. If repair and growth are possible after joining  and graduating  from the hair enhancement  program, you will enjoy after care treatment for your now naturally healthy hair. Seeking and ensuring hair success is the main principle of Sweet Serenity LLC.

Consultation Required before any services are rendered. All services performed in a private environment to ensure the client's confidentiality and comfort.

Do you want beautiful hair similar to the female in this picture ?



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Are you Disappointed by the Price?


Stop Worrying and Smile

Stretch Pay Payment Plan is the Solution!!!!!!!

Option 1

Basic Stretch Pay is a six month 3.5% interest payment plan. All you need to put down is a 50% deposit plus origination fee and you will receive an affordable custom made hairpiece now and pay off the balance later.

Option 2

Annual Stretch pay is a twelve month payment plan, incurring a 6% interest fee. All you need to put down is a 25% deposit plus origination fee to receive an affordable custom made hairpiece. You would pay your remaining balance while wearing your hairpiece.

All client's must have a consultation, submit a credit card approval form, pay the $100 plan origination fee and sign all payment plan aggreements to be accepted into either payment plan. Client will received a payment plan schedule.